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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Manoj K Jayan shared his memories about Kalpana Chechi

Manoj K Jayan, the ex-brother-in-law of Kalpana, shared his memories about his dear chechi, in a recent interview. Manoj attended Kalpana's funeral, with daughter Kunjatta.

The actor remarked that it is a huge personal loss for both him and his daughter. Manoj stated that Kalpana was not just an ex-sister-in-law, but was an elder sister for him.

It is not a secret that Kalpana had publicly supported Manoj K Jayan while he decided to divorce her younger sister Urvashi. Her stand had created frictions in her relationship with Urvashi.

According to Manoj K Jayan, Kalpana was one of the very few people in his life, who had the rights to scold and advice him. Even though she supported him, Kalpana was completely against the divorce.

She had tried a lot to convince both Manoj and Urvashi, to rethink their decision and work on their marriage. Kalpana had also requested Manoj to compromise for their little daughter.

Even after the divorce, Kalpana maintained a warm relationship with Manoj K Jayan and his family; especially with Kunjatta, who decided to live with her father and his family.

Kalpana had always stated that she is completely against divorces, as it affects both the lives of the couples and the kids. But sadly, her marriage also ended on a bitter note.

Manoj K Jayan shared his memories about Kalpana Chechi
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