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Monday, 23 November 2015

Rajamma @ Yahoo

Rajamma At Yahoo is a comedy movie starring Kunchacko Boban and Asif Ali in the lead role. The movie is about two brothers who were not interested in doing any jobs and they earn by renting out their house to youngsters. Starring Nikki Galrani and Anusree will be seen the other important lead role in the movie.

Kunchakko Boban and Asif Ali starrer Rajamma At Yahoo guarantees a buy one get one offer to the movie goers. The movie is an out-and-out comedy entertainer and the lead actors steal the show with a fantastic give and take method that carries the movie single handedly on their shoulders.

Kunchakko Boban and Asif Ali are so complimentary to each other that a viewer will get Yahoo’s joke for free if he buys Rajamma’s one and vice versa. The debutante director Raghurama Varma relies heavily on this onscreen chemistry between Chakkochan and Asif Ali.The movie unfolds in around Kozhikode city and the characters radiate the virtue and culture of the centuries old city.

Chakkochan and Asif Ali plays as siblings, whose parents died in their childhood.Kunchakko Boban portrays Michael aka Rajamma and Vishnu Yohannan aka Yahoo is played by Asif Ali. Their parents Rajamma and Yohannan migrated to Calicut after an inter caste marriage, which is the core of the story. The two brothers live an irresponsible and lazy life after the death of their parents.

At one point, they decided to split up the largehouse they live in to rent it for threeseparate families. What happens next in the lives of the two brothers and their tenants is the rest of the story. Kunchakko Boban and Asif Ali lookstunning and enjoy their roles of carefree young men who live a weightless life.

All characters played very well.Both actors really made film hilarious with their nice comedytiming. Its storyline nicely engages the audience attention in the story. Production values are looking rich and music was excellent with nice compose.

Rajamma @ Yahoo
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